Our Android expertise includes: Customize solutions based on specific client needs, Develop applications on location-based services‚ camera interfaces‚ cloud-to-device management‚ complex background services‚ video streaming‚ etc. Implement custom protocols.Deploy solutions which take care of the memory and CPU of devices. Build a cloud-based mobile testing automation framework for Android devices


We have expertise in Enterprise Application development for the iOS and have developed an application that uses the info-graphic data presentation style for reporting. Our iOS expertise includes : Camera input based applications like the Bar code reader application and OCR integration with the mobile app, Graphical data presentation, Rich UI-based applications using the iPhone OS software development UI Kit and Core animation.

Windows Phone

 Windows Phone is a Cloud-enabled platform that it provides the facility to exchange data from Windows Azure using the native SDK. Impetus has proficiency in developing applications using the Windows Phone SDK and the legacy Windows Mobile SDK. Our Windows Phone expertise includes: Application development using Microsoft’s Silverlight and C#.


We are using HTML5 for developing versatile interfaces for web-driven mobile applications, along with CSS3, and Java scripts. We are innovatively blending native device richness with the associated application. Our HTML5 expertise includes: Integration of Open Source frameworks with HTML5, Liquid layouts for multi-screen UIs,New features like local storage

Maximum Results

Both businesses and consumers demand innovative‚ out-of-the-box mobile applications that provide sophisticated user experiences. They expect feature-rich solutions that include technologies such as video, location awareness and mapping, data capture, real–time notifications, near field communication (NFC), data synchronization across platforms, and more. Add to that the diversity of devices and OS versions and developing for mobile quickly becomes a challenge.

Domain Expertise

    • Enterprise Mobility
    • Mobile Education
    • Location-based Solutions
    • Mobile Entertainment
    • Mobile Commerce
    • Mobile Social Networking
    • Mobile Payment
    • Media Streaming
    • Field Force Management
    • Mobile Healthcare
    • Consumer Mobility

About Us

we provide software R&D services‚ helping large technology businesses design‚ develop‚ and test innovative software. A singular focus on technology‚ an agile approach‚ and a culture of innovation have enabled us to create highly scalable software products for our clients. In this way‚ we enable our clients to address the changing needs of their customers‚ and build loyalty by delivering value.